Mackinac Bridge

Every year it seems as though we need to get from the West Coast to Michigan. Google maps always tells us to take the ferry across Lake Michigan. The combination of driving a motorhome and traveling with dogs makes this complicated. Not impossible, but complicated. On these ferries you are not allowed to drive the vehicle on the boat, nor are you allowed access to it during the crossing. In addition, the dogs are not allowed out of the motorhome. This would mean crating the dogs in the RV for the entire length or the trip. Not an option for us.

This leaves us with two choices. The first is go south around Lake Michigan. Necessitating a drive through Chicago, which anyone that has done this in a motorhome can tell you, is unpleasant at best. The other choice is north through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, a beautiful, wooded drive along the lake passing through many small resort towns. It easy to guess which one we choose. So now we need to get from the Upper Peninsula, U.P. to the Lower Peninsula, or The Mitt. That is where the Mackinac Bridge (or as it referred to by the Yoopers, Da Crossing, Da Bridge, Big Mac, or Troll Bridge) comes in.

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