Five Island Lobster Co.

Whenever we visit Maine, Five Island Lobster Co is on our must-do list. An internet friend told us about this place right before our very first visit and we loved it so much we keep coming back. The only difficulty is that the restaurant is located in a very small town at the very tip of a peninsula. So there is no place to park our 35′ motorhome. One year we squeeeeezed in a parking lot, but we were really taking up more than our fair share of the available parking.
This year we did some research and found a state park within scooting distance and we decided to give that a try. We did have to pay the park admission fee of $13, but there was plenty of wide-open parking. We took down the scoots, popped on the gen, turned down the a/c for the pupsters, and were off. It turns out that the beach area and park are really beautiful. Maybe next time we can combine some time at the beach with our lunch.
Enough about the park. After pulling up on the Vespa, I just happened to notice the sign advertising their scallop basket. Scallops, you say? Only my favoritest. I was not so thrilled that they were fried, but when I got my basket I learned they were not battered and fried. The scallops had a light dusting before being fried. They were delicious! So glad I got them. Darren got a lobster roll, which was also scrumptious (I knew this because, of course, I had a bite) However, as I was eating the last of my scallops I began to feel guilty for not ordering a steamed lobster. After all, that was why we were there. So guess what I did. I got the lobster too! Yeah, I did that. I wish I could tell you that Darren helped me finish it, but that’s really not true. I did it and you know what? I’m glad I did.

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