We just spent an entire week in one place. This is something that we have not been able to accomplish for a while. It was nice just to sit still for a moment and try to catch up. Although I never seem to get as much done as I plan. We found ourselves discuss, Read More

Yes, this is what it sounds like. A campground in Maine adjacent to a small desert. Well, according to Wikipedia it is not an actual desert but “a 40 acre tract of exposed glacial silt surrounded by a pine forest.” Wiki goes on to say that over-farming in the late 1700s, led to soil, Read More

Whenever we visit Maine, Five Island Lobster Co is on our must-do list. An internet friend told us about this place right before our very first visit and we loved it so much we keep coming back. The only difficulty is that the restaurant is located in a very small town at the very, Read More

After dinner, we decided to try and find a bar we had visited the last time we were in the area. We could not find it on our own, but Darren stopped to buy coffee at a local shop and described it to the clerk. She knew exactly where we were trying to go, Read More

Our first full day in Maine had us taking down the scoots and heading into town to find some lobsters. Our plan was to go to Boothbay Lobster Wharf, a place we have eaten at in the past, but Darren got his Yelp all crossed up and instead drove us to the The Lobster, Read More

As we were headed to the race at Lime Rock Park, we knew we would be a few days without hookups. So we looked for a full-hookup campground near the racetrack. We have stayed at Rip van Winkle before and found it to be equal and cheaper than the near-by KOA.

We can’t drive through Michigan without stopping in either Traverse City or Petoskey and the best place to do this is at Hearthside Grove. It is an ownership-style resort, with lots being individually owned, so that, each site is unique, as it is improved according to the owner’s personal plan. If the owner wishes, Read More

Every year it seems as though we need to get from the West Coast to Michigan. Google maps always tells us to take the ferry across Lake Michigan. The combination of driving a motorhome and traveling with dogs makes this complicated. Not impossible, but complicated. On these ferries you are not allowed to drive, Read More

A trip through the U.P. would not be complete without stopping for some pasties. There is a shop where we have stopped a few times in the past and this trip took us right past it once more. Since we where on our way to meet Darren’s family in a few days, we thought, Read More

Every time we cross the river into the Upper Peninsula from Wisconsin we spot this campground from the bridge and say to ourselves “Wait, what’s that park?” This time around Darren remembered that fact when searching for stops along our path. It was a bit difficult to research the park as the city’s website, Read More