2015.06.09 Heading Back East

We can’t drive through Michigan without stopping in either Traverse City or Petoskey and the best place to do this is at Hearthside Grove. It is an ownership-style resort, with lots being individually owned, so that, each site is unique, as it is improved according to the owner’s personal plan. If the owner wishes, Read More

Every year it seems as though we need to get from the West Coast to Michigan. Google maps always tells us to take the ferry across Lake Michigan. The combination of driving a motorhome and traveling with dogs makes this complicated. Not impossible, but complicated. On these ferries you are not allowed to drive, Read More

A trip through the U.P. would not be complete without stopping for some pasties. There is a shop where we have stopped a few times in the past and this trip took us right past it once more. Since we where on our way to meet Darren’s family in a few days, we thought, Read More

Every time we cross the river into the Upper Peninsula from Wisconsin we spot this campground from the bridge and say to ourselves “Wait, what’s that park?” This time around Darren remembered that fact when searching for stops along our path. It was a bit difficult to research the park as the city’s website, Read More

We had so much success boondocking at Cabela’s, when our drive started to run late in the evening we decided to give it another try. Somewhere along I-94, I decided that if I really pushed our drive times I could work in an unplanned still day. The later in the day it gets the, Read More

Last time we sped through Billings, MT, we stayed at the KOA. It was nice enough, but for a quick overnight it did not really seem worth the money. Since we had so much luck the last time we boondocked, we decided to give it another shot.