2015.05.04 – National Park Tour

05/04/2015 – Present: Traveling around the western US, trying to hit as many National Parks as possible. We did visit all 5 National Parks in Utah.

After camping the previous night just outside the park entrance, we were able to start scoping this first-come-first-served campground around 11:00AM. I am glad we did, because, although there were quite a few open sites, there were not very many into which we would fit. We ended up with a great site, but we, Read More

The next stop on our National Park tour of Utah was Bryce Canyon. The campgrounds in the park are rented on a first-come-first-served basis. So we reserved a spot just outside the gates in this private and that gave us an early jump on a prime spot inside. We wanted to stay inside the, Read More

Being able to get reservations at Best Friends Sanctuary meant we had to bisect our stay at Watchman. We knew we were returning to even better campsites in one of our favorite National Park campgrounds. Getting reservations here can be challenging and the bigger your rig the fewer choices you have. But if you, Read More

When we decided to take a few weeks and visit the National Parks of Utah, I knew I had to squeeze in a visit to the sanctuary of Best Friends Animal Society, a nonprofit organization whose main goal is to see a day when no animals are killed in our shelters. They want to, Read More

When we decided to do a tour of all the National Parks in Utah, we knew this campground would be at the top of the list. We stayed here once before for a short stay and loved it. This time we were able to get one night stay, before heading to Best Friends and, Read More