July 1-3, 2014: So the Vesta has been exhibiting some alarming behavior as of late. Four times in the last two months I have hit a big bump in the road (usually a bridge transition) and the the steering has gone into chaos. The steering wheel shakes so violently that I can barely hold, Read More

June 24-25, 2014: Many of the service plazas along the Turnpike in Ohio have campsites. Vermillion Valley is one of those plazas. If possible we try to coordinate our schedule with an overnight stop at one of these rest areas. It is so convenient to be able to just pul off the highway and, Read More

August 14-16, 2013: It wouldn’t be a trip through the midwest without a stop at Darren’s little sister’s house. Darren’s parents came up for a visit and we had a great time catching up. We grilled out some awesome steaks, went to our nephew’s 3-on-3 hockey game, and there was even some early birthday, Read More

August 5-6, 2013: There are several service plazas along the Ohio Turnpike that provide overnight parking for RVs and travel trailers. Away from the main parking area, there is a small separate parking lot with electrical pedestals. A machine collects your $20 and prints out a receipt, which you put on your dashboard. This, Read More

June 19-26, 2013: Sometimes things do work out all on their own. We had not had the Vesta for very long before we set out across the country. During our trip out west we discovered several minor (we hoped) issues with our coach. When it came to our attention that we left an oil, Read More

July 27-29, 2012 Friday Saturday Sunday

July 25-26, 2012

January 26-30, 2012: The racing season kicked off this week with the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. It is a Grand Am race, different than our usual American Le Mans series. Drivers from many different series compete in this race. The past few years we have made it a habit to attend. This year, Read More

Friday, December 9th – Saturday December 10th: Darren had to shot graduations at UTEP on Friday night and all day on Saturday. Since we were unable to find any acceptable campgrounds and Darren had to be at the graduation at 6:30am on Satruday, we decided to get a hotel. We stayed at a La, Read More