Well I guess the racing season is starting up again. We had to leave our beloved Keys and head to Daytona Beach for testing at Daytona International Speedway. Things are more relaxed than at the races. Our spot was close to most of the places Darren needed to be for shooting. To see what, Read More

July 23-26, 2014: Camping at Indianapolis Motor Speedway was a first for us. We have gone to Formula One races there, but back then it was all posh hotels and dining out. Since going on the road there are not many hotels or flights in our schedule, but the camping at IMS was pretty, Read More

July 9-13, 2014: This year Darren’s shooting schedule was unusual and we asked to be let in the track before it was opened to campers. (We would have been setting up camp when he should have been shooting) This turned out to be a big mistake. We knew all camping spots around the track, Read More

June 25-30, 2014: We knew the track might be soggy when we arrived. We had travelled east with the storm for a few days at that point. Arriving at our grass covered site, both of us commented “that looks pretty wet”, but we drove in anyway. The RV pulled in without too much trouble,, Read More

April 29 – May 5, 2014: This race is the only reason we make the trip out to California each year. Well, that and the wine, and the weather, and the surf, the sand, the views… OK, maybe it’s the main reason we make the trip each year. The new restructured series seems to, Read More

March 11-16, 2014: Due to Rikka’s recent back surgery we elected not to board the dogs. Her recovery is truly impressive, but we couldn’t imagine causing any setbacks or injuries simply because we wanted to attend an automobile race. So, even though we owned passes to the most awesome campsite in all of the, Read More

August 6-12, 2013: This race is a good one for us because: 1)there are electrical hook-ups and 2) the dogs are allowed in the track. We were here for quite a few days so Darren had to haul water and we got a chance to try out our new waste tank Darren said it, Read More

July 18-21, 2013: We did not know if our new rig would make it to our usual spot at this track. The gate entrance is rather low and the hills are rather steep. I think if our rig was any taller we would have had to use the main gate, but we did get, Read More

February 5-9, 2013: The ALMS racing photo season officially begins with winter testing. There is no camping at the track for this event, so we park in the field just outside. This works alright for us because dogs are not allowed inside the gate and it is difficult to board them around Sebring. This, Read More

January 25-27, 2013: For past three years we have started out the racing season with a visit to Daytona International Raceway.  The Grand-Am series runs a 24 hour race in January. This is not the series that Darren normally shots, but it serves as a great warm-up for the year.  The dogs and I, Read More