State Parks

Eleven months ago I was able to secure one night, and one night only, in what I think is the best state park campsite in the Keys. Site #15 at Bahia Honda State Park is pretty much perfect. All of the on-water sites at Bahia Honda are awesome, but the park is adjacent to, Read More

I was able to score a waterfront site for a few days after the Rolex24. Even though we had power and water and the track, it’s always nice to head somewhere close after a race. Flagler beach in only 20 minutes or so from Daytona and it was soothing to listen to the waves, Read More

As we needed to head up out of the Keys for the 24 Hours of Rolex, I thought I would try to book a few days at Flagler Beach. I was unable to get an Oceanfront site, as we have had in the past. I thought I would be disappointed, but it turned out, Read More

This was our last stop in the Keys before heading north again. The racing season is gearing up again and Darren had a shoot at the Daytona Speedway. I lucked out and got us two great waterfront spots at the park. It is really difficult to leave, especially when it coordinated with a cold, Read More

For some reason we have always dismissed Curry Hammock as the least desirable of all the state parks in the Keys. This year when a block of days came available at Curry, we didn’t have any other reservations so we snatched it up. When we arrived we couldn’t remember why we passed on this, Read More

July 17-18, 2014: We needed a place to stay near Ann Arbor during our yearly visit to Zingerman’s Deli. This is one of many campgrounds in the Waterloo Recreation Area. Since we were just passing through we looked for a spot not too far of the highway and this fit the bill. The campground, Read More

July 16-17, 2014: Darlington Provincial Park is a perennial stop for us and we thought we should check out other provincial parks. To that end I booked an overnight stop at Wheatley, even though it was a bit off of the highway. We learned that not all provincial parks are created equal. The waterfront, Read More

July 13-16, 2014: We always stop at the park after the Canadian Grand Prix. It is a pleasant provincial park with spots on Lake Ontario. It’s pretty rustic as are most parks in Ontario, but the views are nice and there is 50 amp power. Since I didn’t plan far enough ahead, if we, Read More

May 6-9, 2014: This is our favorite ocean-front campground near San Francisco. Surprisingly, there are not many campgrounds in the Bay Area, and the ones that do exists are not very nice. This is a state beach campground, but there are no hook-ups and it is expensive. I think we paid $50/nt, which is, Read More

March 21-24, 2014: This is one of our favorite stops when heading out west. The campground is at the bottom of the canyon and to reach it, you must drive down a steep and winding road and the pass through 5 water crossings (although there has never been more than a trickle of water, Read More