As required by law, we stopped in at Zingmerman’s while passing through Ann Arbor. We had some lunch (read ginormous sandwiches) and picked up some yummy supplies. One unique item was country ham from pigs fed peanuts, very fatty but smokey and delicious.

We wanted to pick up some noshes to have with our wine and the thought came to us unbidden “cured meat.” Well to be honest, that thought always comes to us. A quick check for near-by charcuterie pulled up the Fatted Calf. It was located next to the Oxbow Market, a place we wanted, Read More

I have been buying Rancho Gordo beans through the mail for a few years. So when I remembered that they had a shop in Napa, I knew we had to stop in. They sell heirloom beans and maintain close relationships with their growers. You know, just the sort of shop I am into. I, Read More