Routes we drove

Every year it seems as though we need to get from the West Coast to Michigan. Google maps always tells us to take the ferry across Lake Michigan. The combination of driving a motorhome and traveling with dogs makes this complicated. Not impossible, but complicated. On these ferries you are not allowed to drive, Read More

It is never fun having to leave the Keys, but the sadness is somewhat mitigated by the awesome drive. You can’t hardly beat the scenery on the Overseas Highway.These photos are of us crossing the Seven Mile Bridge

It is always nice to return to the US (once you pass through border control, that is)

Since we can’t seem to remember to book our holiday plans ahead of time, we decided it would be easier to getting camping spots for the July 4th weekend in Canada. The only problem with this theory is crossing through the border on a holiday can be just a daunting. We were in line, Read More

Our drive from Half Moon Bay State Beach to Napa Valley took us through downtown San Francisco and across the Golden Gate Bridge. We have taken this route one before, but it was in a much smaller motorhome. While driving through the narrow streets of the city, I questioned the sanity of our path., Read More

After we learned of the snowfall in Yosemite and the tire chains which were required for our chosen route, we made a few changes to our plans. Even though we drove north specifically to enter the park on what we thought was the easier path, we now had to travel back south. This unwittingly, Read More

We had lunch at this travel center near the Texas/New Mexico border on a previous trip out west. Darren remembered their stacked enchiladas and suggested we stopped here again for breakfast. It is a full service center with fuel, a mini-grocery store, a dog run and a restaurant. This time around I had the, Read More

Our drive today took us through four states. We started out in Maine, drove through New Hampshire and Massachusetts and ended up in New York. We were have trouble finding a decent place to stay off of our route. There is a campground at the Turning Stone Casino that looked good, but since it, Read More

We chose this route explicitly to avoid driving through Nebraska. I thought the Badlands of South Dakota might be a little more interesting and it was, for a while. Then everything went to corn fields anyway. This route did have us driving through Fort Collins, CO, where we made a stop at the New, Read More

This is a wonderful section of I-70. Well, scenery-wise. The road itself is really not so wonderful, but I think it’s worth it. There were lots of rafters of the river. Next time we pass through, I might look into staying in some of the towns we passed. View all pics from the Drive