We had so much success boondocking at Cabela’s, when our drive started to run late in the evening we decided to give it another try. Somewhere along I-94, I decided that if I really pushed our drive times I could work in an unplanned still day. The later in the day it gets the more appealing boondocking becomes as you are not going to have the time to enjoy any campground amenities. Compounded with the lack of campground choices in Fargo, ND, we soon began to see the Flying J in our future. Read More

Last time we sped through Billings, MT, we stayed at the KOA. It was nice enough, but for a quick overnight it did not really seem worth the money. Since we had so much luck the last time we boondocked, we decided to give it another shot. Read More

After camping the previous night just outside the park entrance, we were able to start scoping this first-come-first-served campground around 11:00AM. I am glad we did, because, although there were quite a few open sites, there were not very many into which we would fit. We ended up with a great site, but we really had to work the RV placement to keep our slides from hitting any trees. Read More

The next stop on our National Park tour of Utah was Bryce Canyon. The campgrounds in the park are rented on a first-come-first-served basis. So we reserved a spot just outside the gates in this private and that gave us an early jump on a prime spot inside.
We wanted to stay inside the park, but if full-hookups are important to you, then staying at Ruby’s is really quite convenient. There is a shuttle stop directly in front of the campground that will take you in and around the park. Read More

Being able to get reservations at Best Friends Sanctuary meant we had to bisect our stay at Watchman. We knew we were returning to even better campsites in one of our favorite National Park campgrounds. Getting reservations here can be challenging and the bigger your rig the fewer choices you have. But if you are persistent, flexible, and lucky you can get a site on the river with spectacular views and 50amp electrical service. Read More

When we decided to take a few weeks and visit the National Parks of Utah, I knew I had to squeeze in a visit to the sanctuary of Best Friends Animal Society, a nonprofit organization whose main goal is to see a day when no animals are killed in our shelters. They want to “Save Them All” and we are big supporters. Many of these rescued animals reside at their sanctuary in Angel Canyon near Kanab, UT.
You can volunteer, take a tour and even stay the night at the sanctuary. They have 2 RV sites and a few cabins for rent, but these are often booked far in advance. On a whim I checked the availability of the RV sites and there was one open night that we could work into our schedule! I snatched it up and altered are tentative travel schedule. Read More

When we decided to do a tour of all the National Parks in Utah, we knew this campground would be at the top of the list. We stayed here once before for a short stay and loved it. This time we were able to get one night stay, before heading to Best Friends and then return to better campsites for three more days. Since we returned two days later, I will leave the review for that post. Read More

Each time we make the trek to California, we always plan a stop in Palo Duro Canyon State Park [2014 & 2013]. Camping at the state park is down at the bottom of the canyon and it takes some time and effort to get there. In order to prepare ourselves for the remoteness, the night before we book a stay in town. Last year we stayed at the Overnite RV Park. This year we tried Fort Amarillo RV Resort. Read More

Our original plan was to stop at either the state or city park in Wichita Falls. The Lake Arrowhead State Park looked promising but the lake level was reported to be so low that campers were taking pictures of the cracked mud lake bed. It was also at least 10 minutes off the highway. The city campground was reviewed as a bright parking lot next to the highway, but it had an adjacent park with walking trails and a nature center.
However, when we arrived in Wichita Falls a storm was a brewin’. I know that tornadoes can be a real danger in Texas and it didn’t look like we were going to be taking any strolls through the park. During a previous pass through Texas we had investigated Coyote Ranch Resort, and we put it in the “possible/OK” category. When I looked it up online, I discovered it had been bought by Jellystone Parks. I love Yogi Bear but parks with thousands of screaming kids is not really our speed. We drove by and it looked like not much had changed so we pulled in. Read More

Eleven months ago I was able to secure one night, and one night only, in what I think is the best state park campsite in the Keys. Site #15 at Bahia Honda State Park is pretty much perfect. All of the on-water sites at Bahia Honda are awesome, but the park is adjacent to the Oversea highway and noise from the bridge is apparent. Site #15 is the furthest from the new bridge and closest to the old bridge. So you have the best view without as much sound from the traffic. Read More