We love stopping at CB Smith when coming and going to the Keys. It is the perfect mid-point and has full-hook ups. There are also good places to refill our supplies and have a dinner out after spending the day traveling. Every time I reserve a spot I get a confirmation receipt that states “sites cannot be guaranteed” It has never been an issue until now. When we arrived we were told that we had been moved off of our lakefront site to a center pull-through in the back of the campground, where they long-term campers usually reside. Needless to say, I was extremely unhappy about this. Read More

I was able to score a waterfront site for a few days after the Rolex24. Even though we had power and water and the track, it’s always nice to head somewhere close after a race. Flagler beach in only 20 minutes or so from Daytona and it was soothing to listen to the waves after hearing the roar of race cars for 24 hours straight. Read More

A 24 hour race can be very exhausting and this year’s Rolex 24 at Daytona was no exception. It can also be very thrilling and full of drama. I got to watch the start of the race from pit lane, which really puts you in the action and the speed and intensity of a pit stop is remarkable. We camped in the lot just outside the track. This is better for the dogs and, if I am to be honest, better for me too. The roar of race cars for 24 hours straight can be a bit much. Not to mention the $650 difference in camping site price. Read More

We booked a few days at the KOA just down the street from the track. It is difficult to go from state parks to camping at tracks without a few days of full hook-ups in between. There isn’t much to say except I got some laundry and other household chores done. Darren did scoot over to the track a few times to shoot the teams unloading the cars and preparing for the race weekend. Read More

As we needed to head up out of the Keys for the 24 Hours of Rolex, I thought I would try to book a few days at Flagler Beach. I was unable to get an Oceanfront site, as we have had in the past. I thought I would be disappointed, but it turned out it really was quite pleasant. Our site did have a “view” of the water and more privacy than some of the waterfront sites. If you walk out and around the state park sections of the beach, you will be on the public sections where dogs are permitted. So we took the dogs on some walks both on the beach and in the park. One evening we scooted up to High Tides at Snack Jack for dinner. We had a pleasant few days before having to head to Daytona Beach for the race.


Doggie foot print in the sand


Our site in the mirror


Beach Overlook


Rainah checks out the beach overlook


Rikka and Darren on the beach overlook


Birds on the beach


Rainah overlooking the beach (or is the birds?)


Rainah at the beach


Rikka at the beach


Site #6 at Gamble Rogers State Recreation Area


Flagler Beach


Site #6 at Gamble Rogers State Recreation Area


Site #6 at Gamble Rogers State Recreation Area


Site #6 at Gamble Rogers State Recreation Area


Site #6 at Gamble Rogers State Recreation Area

Adjacent to Gamble Rodgers State Recreation Area, is an oceanfront snack shack. It is one of the reasons we stay at the campground. You can walk to it along the beach or, if it is cold and windy as it was for us, it is a quick scooter ride. It is a fun place to eat some seafood and they even have a few choice beers. I was very excited to discover that they have added an organic section to their menu! So instead of fries with my Wild caught shrimp, I had a Curry Kale salad and it was absolutely delicious! I am excited to go back.


Lagunitas IPA at High Tides

We really had to battle to get reservations in the campground and even then we were unable to find any openings on the weekend. We normally stay in the 700 loop, but were informed that there were no sites available. They originally gave us an inside site in the 500 loop, but moved us over to the 800s when we complained. At first we were really bummed about not getting our choice spot, but we did come to like our sites proximity to the dog walk.
I had promised Rikka we would go to the dog park during our stay. However, the weather put a stop to that thought. It rained so much on Tuesday that the dog park was completely flooded. It did not clear up by the time we had to leave.


In the swamp..


or is it Dagobah?


Rained for a good bit of the time


Rain on the RV


Waiting out the rain inside


Rainah hanging out inside too


The dog park is flooded


Rikka want to go in anyway


On a boat


Crossing the lake for drinks


Shoes in the tree


Napa Smith at Waves


Lagunitas at Tambu Lounge


Terrapin at the Mizner's Lounge


Site #844 at the Campsites at Fort Wilderness


Site #844 at the Campsites at Fort Wilderness


Our Loop at the Campsites at Fort Wilderness


Our loop at the Campsites at Fort Wilderness


Site #844 at the Campsites at Fort Wilderness


Site #844 at the Campsites at Fort Wilderness


The woods behind our site


Site #844 at the Campsites at Fort Wilderness


The canal behind our site


Cypress in the campground


Spanish moss on the cypress

Well I guess the racing season is starting up again. We had to leave our beloved Keys and head to Daytona Beach for testing at Daytona International Speedway. Things are more relaxed than at the races. Our spot was close to most of the places Darren needed to be for shooting. To see what keeps him busy during these races weekends, check out his gallery at Darren Pierson Photography.

DPP_1349.jpg DPP_1351.jpg DPP_1360.jpg

It is time to head toward Daytona for the Roar Before the 24, IMSA’s test session for the 24 Hours of Rolex. This park is our new favorite spot to camp on our way out of the Keys. It is inexpensive and has full hookups. We have almost always been able to snag a spot with at least a partial view of the lake. The sites are spacious, but the best thing about this park is the location. It is a county park situated in the heart of Miami suburbia. This means that any store or service, including Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, is within scooting distance. So, we overnighted and picked up food for the track, as well as snagging some sushi for dinner.

IMG_7704.JPG IMG_7705.JPG IMG_7706.JPG IMG_7707.JPG IMG_7708.JPG IMG_7709.JPG

It is never fun having to leave the Keys, but the sadness is somewhat mitigated by the awesome drive. You can’t hardly beat the scenery on the Overseas Highway.These photos are of us crossing the Seven Mile Bridge
DPP_8727.jpg DPP_8728.jpg DPP_8730.jpg DPP_8736.jpg